Medication Abortion can change everything

Let's move together in MSF projects !

-> Let's move together: share your views ! 
-> The Taboo breakers - watch the Taskforce movie ! En Français et en Anglais

-> Lunch & debate 
-> 8 March international women's day

Let's move together ! Share your views !
As a medical humanitarian organisation, MSF has committed to making access to safe abortion care available to women and girls who request it, so as to reduce the mortality and suffering resulting from unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion.
Still, few MSF projects offer an adequate response to women and girls who ask for an abortion.

Let’s move together!
We need your ideas about the best ways to move this issue forward in our projects and ensure that “MSF does not deny termination of pregnancy to women and girls who request it” !

Tell us how you think we can move forward on the issue of safe abortion care in MSF on the FORUM or on our Facebook Group

Unsafe abortion, a medical emergency
For the 2019 International Women’s Day, MSF Australia’s communications department, women health units, working groups and task forces across MSF developed a communication package focusing on the devastating consequences of unsafe abortion and the need for safe abortion care.

Find out patients and staff video stories from DRC, South Africa, Mozambique, Colombia, Greece, articles and facts

The Taboo breakers - watch the Taskforce movie ! En Français

In English


LUNCH & DEBATE: medication abortion has the potential to change everything about abortion !

An invitation to learn and discuss

  • The evolution of medical abortion in MSF for the last years and what is exactly medical abortion
  • MSF’s approach to implement safe abortion care, with the First Ever Screening of “The Taboo breakers” (Task Force Video RELEASE)
  • What are the new challenges for the future?

With the participation of:  the Sexual and Reproductive Health Unit, representatives of the legal , Comms and HR departments, the International Board.

16 papers published on the matter: 
Potential of Medication Abortion, barriers to care, new models of care, cost analysis, research agenda,… and more
Powerpoint Presentation by the SRH unit
MSF rationale and focus, MSF investment, 2017 TOP data, what is medication abortion, the Malawi experience


RePlay the debate

Task force DRC Capitalisation report
By Catrin Schulte-Hillen and Manisha Kumar, September 2018


By: Sophie Guillaumie