What is the association?

MSF is a single entity. We are not just an employer or a job, we are an association!

The association is a space for exchanges in which you can learn more about MSF, be part of the evolution of the movement and participate in guiding projects.

The association is strongly influenced and defined by its members through a culture of questioning and debate.

What does the association do?

We participate and add to the movement’s debate and decision-making. These are our most valuable contributions.

Associative activity is for everyone in MSF: current and former office staff, volunteers, and field workers alike. When you are in the field, repairing a generator, holding an MSF related event, doing accounting, or attending to a patient, you are contributing to the association’s work.

What does it mean to be a member?

Being a member means more than just paying your membership fee every year.

It means being involved in the process of reflection and questioning on MSFs actions through discussions that shape the organization’s identity and strategy. It means expressing what you think is best for MSF.

There is no single way to be a member. It is up to each of us to decide how we want to participate.

Membership in MSF Denmark

Once you sign a contract (field, office, volunteer) with MSF Denmark, you become part of our association.

You have the right to vote in MSF Denmark because you fulfill any of the following criteria:

- Been in the field with MSF for six months equivalent to 183 days,
- Been in the field with MSF twice (regardless of duration),
- Worked in an MSF office or on an MSF project for a minimum of one year either as an employee or a volunteer in the field, been a volunteer at the office or in an associative group for a minimum of 384 hours within 12 months,
- Or participated as a volunteer in a minimum of 10 activities/projects for a period of minimum two years.

The MSF DK membership fee covers your associative membership from General Assembly to General Assembly, just like any other member-driven-association. If you instead choose not to pay your membership fees for three consecutive years, we will be moving your membership to a standby-category. This standby-category will remove your contact information from member distribution lists (although you will be able to always re-apply for membership status at any time when you deem it relevant).

By paying your membership fee for this year, you can partake in the following activities (only for paying voting members):

- Voting rights at the MSF DK General Assembly
- Participation (not guaranteed to all members) and voting rights at the OCB Gathering and TEFKAP

Duties of membership:

- Elect the Board of Directors
- Hold the board accountable
- Attend associative events!

By: Kamilah Chapman