Membership in DK

Voting rights

How to get the right to vote in MSF Denmark

In order to vote you need to be a voting member of MSF Denmark. You are a voting member if you meet at least one of the following criteria:

You have:

  •  been in the field with MSF for six months equivalent to 183 days,
  •  been in the field with MSF twice (regardless of duration),
  •  worked in an MSF office or on an MSF project for a minimum of one year either as an employee or a volunteer in the field,
  •  been a volunteer at the office for a minimum of 384 hours within 12 months, or
  •  participated as a volunteer in a minimum of 10 activities/projects for a period of minimum two years

Contact Kamilah, the association coordinator, at and she will take your request to ballotting committee.

Membership fee
There is a membership fee of DKK 150 that has to be paid in order to exercise your right to vote. You can either pay the fee at the General Assembly or transfer the amount to our Danske Bank account.

Mobile pay: +45 41 77 74 46 

Bank transfer:

Reg: 4190 Konto: 3109 073792

Please be sure to write your name and the reference 'membership'. In MSFDK you only pay membership fees when you want to exercise your voting rights, paid membership fees are valid fram AGM to AGM.

If in doubt
If you are not sure that you meet the above criteria you are welcome to write to Mauro Lucardi, member of the board.

Electronic vote

If you are unable to participate in the GA it is possible to vote electronically.

If you wish to vote by mail please contact Mauro Lucardi, who will send you information about the candidates and a ballot. If you are in the field with MSFDK during the AGM it happens automatically.

You can pay your membership fee by online banking (details above). If you are in the field with MSF you can pay the fee on your return.

The Ballotting Committee
Since 2006 there has been a ballotting committee to better organise and ensure that everybody who is entitled, gets the right to vote.

The ballotting committee consists of three board members of which one is the self-appointed member of the Board (at present Mauro Lucardi). The other two members are elected yearly by and amongst Board members.

For further reading please see MSF DK´s Statutes.




By: Anna Borg