mini-AG 2018

Thank you to tell us what you found great in the mini-AG and what can be improved, for the next time! :


Debates don’t just happen in the field! Last Friday in Brussels, about 85 HQ staff, expats and ex-MSFers alike, motivated by a true engagement for MSF and its fundamental values, met for a whole afternoon to exchange their opinions and discover if their views are echoed by other MSFers on matters of concern to them: Does volunteerism still have a place in MSF? Do we want to be an actor in Belgian society? Operational choices: (geo)politics, image and institutional issues at stake or real medical impact for beneficiaries? The ethical use of our resources and our well- being.

The exchanges were frank and open, challenging and questioning some of our orientations: what the association is all about !!!

After the diagnosis, the treatment! More info on the outcomes and how they will be followed-up.

In the evening external invitees brought us fresh air and food for thought about the role and responsibilities of the Belgian medical profession in today’s migration situation in Belgium. An excellent opportunity to learn more about the position of the “Ordre des médecins”, be on top of what the reform of the “Aide Médicale Urgente” law means, and be connected to our beneficiaries’ reality through the moving temoignages brought by Xavier, the psychologist of the humanitarian hub in Brussels.





Dear all,


Welcome to the Mini-AG in Belgium! The Mini-AG is an event for MSFers in Belgium to get together and discuss matters of concern to them. We hope that the min-AG will be a good place to put topics on the table for discussion, brainstorm, exchanging and testing of ideas, discover if opinions find echo with others, decide on what you could do together to move an idea forward, a change,  in a relaxed atmosphere and in smaller groups.

Thanks a lot for the comments and proposals received from many of you!

We could group a good number of them in 3 main thematic that will be discussed in sub-groups.
This will be followed with a “Speakers Café” session where other topics you proposed will find a place to launch a reflexion.

In the evening, a bit of fresh air with external speakers and hopefully other NGO’s active in the civil society in the migration area.

Please Check the PROGRAM below and If you haven’t done it yet,
REGISTER at the latest  by the 2nd of May:


14:00: Opening

  • Purpose of the day and Introduction to the association
  • Our projects in Belgium

15:00: Group discussions - Feedback in plenary

Does voluntarism still have place in MSF?

  • How do we regain a culture of voluntarism in MSF? Is MSF ready to welcome voluntarism?
  • What could be the role of MSFers as volunteers in Belgium (inside MSF and externally).
  • What does MSF expect from Alumni people and what do they expect from MSF?
  • Is the association in Belgium dead? How to revive and expand the associative spirit?

Do we want MSF to be an actor in the Belgian civil society?

  • In the past, MSF was well rooted in the Belgian society and when MSF said something, the politicians listened. Is this still the case? Is MSF still an organization with a strong and broad moral influence?
  • How can MSF remain connected to the wide public? How can MSF pass a message to the broad public and influence the decisions taken by politicians, to improve the life of the populations?

Operational choices: (geo)politics, image or institutional issues at stake or real medical impact for beneficiaries?

  • How do we balance our wish to be present in certain geographic areas versus operational and medical priorities in our operational choices?
  • Where are the quality, human-sized projects with obvious added-value for beneficiaries, focusing on addressing medical needs in the population – through direct and leverage action – nurturing staff engagement and motivation?

Expected outcome: Each group will make a “Diagnosis” of the situation and propose a “Treatment” (what’s next, suggestions, what can we do, who can we talk to and how, do we need to plan another discussion with someone else, should we create a ‘think thank’ /working group on the issue, write a motion, write a letter, …).

16:30: Break

17:00: Speakers Café

       Other topics proposed by the participants will be presented and discussed here.

18:00: Drink and Snacks

18:30: Debate:

The role and responsibility of the Belgian medical profession in today’s migration situation in Belgium Invitees:
Professor Jean-Jacques Rombouts, Vice-President “Ordre de Médecins” ;
Stéphane Heymans : Operations Director  at MDM
Xavier Guillemin Mental Health activity manager in the humanitarian Hub


In the recent years, we were facing an influx of migrants on our territory. While a citizen movement has started, it     is clear that the response of our health system is or was not sufficient.

Have we, as a medical organization, been as proactive as we should have been to meet these needs?

What about our own medical liability? As a physician, we have a responsibility in the means implemented to treat and cure our patients. Have we made every effort to alleviate the suffering of these patients?

Can we be proud today of belonging to the Belgian medical world in view of what is happening for these patients? …

21:00: End

Absolutely ALL (ex)MSF-ers that happen to be in Belgium are invited to come!

Staff in the Belgian projects, members of the Face-to-Face teams roaming the streets of Belgium, former field and HQ staff and Alumni members, current staff at HQ in Ixelles and MSF-Supply in Neder-Over-Heembeek …


You don’t have to be a member! You just have to be yourself!


Looking forward to see you at the Mini-AG!

The association team in Brussels


Place to be: Ubuntu room rue de l’Arbre Benit, 1050 Brussels





By: Sophie Guillaumie