Motion from the Afghanistan FAD

COUNTRY MOTION: To start having ambulance referral system (2 ambulances) for every project where MSF is delivering maternal services, especially during the night, this will increase the accessibility and proximity to our patients. APPROVED
COUNTRY MOTION: Step out of comfort zone! MSF has to work in unsafe place. Implement small clinics to stabilize patients in rural areas further within Kunduz Province (Dasht e Arshi & Khanabad) with a well-equipped ambulance to refer patients.  APPROVED
COUNTRY MOTION: MSF should revise the exit strategy of ASB and stay longer. APPROVED
COUNTRY MOTION: Increase public awareness, increase visibility and introduction of MSF for the people living in risky places where MSF has
projects. APPROVED
COUNTRY MOTION: Increase the bed capacity of neonatology in Khost maternity. APPROVED
GA MOTION: MSF should do more on antibiotic resistance globally. Think about the protocols, laboratory capacity (culture), and more communication on the abuse of antibiotics. APPROVED
By: Rebecca Cederholm