Motion from the Egypt FAD

As the first OCB FAD of 2015, the Egypt mission held their meeting on January 17 and discussed among other things "Field autonomy, bureaucraty, information flow, and HQ accountability…"

The members of the FAD also approved the following motion which will be sumitted to the OCB Gathering's motions committee:

To preserve its pioneering and creative identity, MSF must challenge the growing bureaucracy, ensure processes are field-oriented and adaptable to contexts, and improve the connection between operational field reality and department support. 

To achieve that, MSF must enhance HQ accountability towards fields by developing mechanism of field consultation before creating tools and processes, revive quality of treatment and patient-centered approach in our management instead of performance based on budget, achievement of processes and datas. Missions must also be accountable towards beneficiaries and commit to improve the quality of information shared with coordination and HQ and give visibility to our patients.



By: Rebecca Cederholm