Motion: MSFHK 10 year vision

There has been wide consultation through associative debates and AGMs on the 10 years vision paper of MSF Hong Kong. The board has published a final version of the vision paper and seek member's endorsement at the 2015 AGM. Please don't hestiate to share your thoughts! 


MSFHK – 10 year vision
The vision of MSFHK for the decade ahead is to use our experience, skills and unique regional association in Asia to further drive the international movement’s ambition to be the most effective medical humanitarian actor in the world.
MSFHK aims to take a leading, innovative and visionary role with a strong focus on operational support and leadership. We are building regional networks that will increase our influence, enhance the quality of MSF’s advocacy and accelerate our support to the social mission. We will contribute to a robust international movement using the strengths from the region to enhance the movement’s growing diversity and interdependence, while at the same time minimizing duplication and ensuring mutual accountability. We will push for and pilot new ways of connecting the knowledge and energy of our association to act and directly engage with MSF’s mission.
Dynamic new ways of working in a networked MSF Movement: In 10 years, we envisage that the MSF movement will increasingly become a network that draws upon capacity wherever it exists and will be less focused on the existing five operational centres based in Europe. We foresee that some associations will be located closer to or in operational environments. MSFHK is an example of this. To support this evolution, MSFHK will retain its co-ownership of OCB, but will work with all sections to pilot and prove value in new ways of delivering quality operations, using capacity that is ‘closer to the ground’.
We aim to be dynamic and innovative in this model of support and will build our portfolio of specific services, knowledge, advocacy support, and network strengthening. To achieve this we will draw on the deep experience of the MSFHK association members and other people from and in the region, as well as utilizing the expertise and capacity across the MSF movement. MSFHK will be a change agent; we will welcome the evolution of the movement, and we will push for change when and where change is needed. We welcome mutual accountability and respect international governance; but we will seek the same from others.
Established presence and informed positioning of MSF in China: Looking into the next decade, MSF in China will be one of the most important initiatives for which MSFHK will add value to the movement. MSFHK will lead MSF’s development in China, establishing a coherent representation of MSF and critical dialogue with Chinese authorities and other actors. We envisage a dialogue on topics including operational support, medical development, potential logistic and medical supplies and international cooperation in the Greater China region. MSFHK will be the primary point of reference for MSF regarding China in the movement, while acknowledging the challenging legal environment in which we are working. We will support operations and others in interacting with the authorities in their respective missions and in China. We expect our role to be underpinned by a reputation and influence in China that makes us the natural point of reference on medical humanitarian action for the Chinese authorities.
Deep regional engagement: MSFHK’s reach will continue to expand into South East Asia to develop a robust and flexible network, one that enables MSF to critically engage and influence political actors, forums, academic institutions and other NGOs active in humanitarian assistance nationally, regionally and globally. MSFHK will assist the movement to further increase its support base across the region, building visibility of MSF’s medical humanitarian action through communications, advocacy and operations. Internally, MSFHK will play a key role in leading the regional voice and reflections on South East Asia within the movement.
Harnessing regional resources: In the next 10 years, we will maintain a robust, reliable human resource pool by continuing to find skilled and committed people, who bring with them a wealth of experience, competence and diversity to support and implement MSF’s mission. We also recognise the opportunity and responsibility of ensuring that the fundraising potential of the markets in which we operate are sourced in keeping with the needs of the movement.
Associating to act: In 10 years, MSFHK will have developed its regional association to realise the full value of having a member based organisation. We recognise that meaningful membership in MSF is directly related to the degree to which members can act and be part of the mission beyond just debate. Equally, the greatest value of our members to MSF is their knowledge and experience to improve our action. To enable this bridge, we will find ways of utilising new technology to link the knowledge and ideas of our members to MSF’s mission.The precise mechanisms will require us to be creative; we may establish knowledge hubs on key themes or offer the support of specific individuals or small groups to help support missions or initiatives.
We want MSF to benefit from our collective experience and energy, and we want members to feel practically connected to our operations both when they are on mission and in their home environment. This approach will enhance the governance function of our association through having better informed and energised association members, and by being better equipped for their governance function.
By: Jennifer Wong