The IGA motion process has changed ! At the 2019 IGA, a few changes were made to the way motions can be brought to the International General Assembly (IGA). Indeed, from now on:

  • motions must be submitted 9 months prior to the IGA to the international motions committee by an MSF Association;
  • the association submitting the motion must build support around it in the run up to the IGA, and be able to identify two supporting associations by one month before the IGA.
  • the supporting associations should provide a declaration of intent to support the IB with the follow up of the motion, if the motion is approved the IGA.

IGA Representatives can still submit motions "from the floor".

Motions from General Assemblies at the 2020 IGA

Two motions, submitted last year before the 9 monthes deadline, could be discussed at the 2020 IGA if they have the support of 2 other assocaitions by 5 October: 

On IGA motions from the floor at the 2020 IGA

A cap of 2 other motions are allowed to come from IGA Reps: "from the floor".  They have to be submitted 1 week before the IGA

This year, four motions from the floor were submitted before this deadline. The Motion Committee met on 29 October to go through them. 

The Committee concluded that three motions meet the criteria:

Since the number of motions from the floor is limited to two, IGA Representatives are invited to indicate, through a vote, which motions they will want to discuss at the IGA.
They have until Tuesday 2/11 noon to do so.


Here is the message of the IGA Motions committee chair, Jon Gunnarsson:

"Since the IGA this year is a virtual event we don't have an actual "floor" so we have to plan for IGA floor motions in a different way. The IGA webinar season starts already in September and many of the debates will be held there and the actual IGA we will sometimes vote directly. So the "floor" starts already in September.

We propose that floor motions have a deadline and for the deadline to be 1 week ahead of the IGA. The packed agenda over Zoom will be more challenging to change hence the deadline.

We also need sufficient time to discuss to have an informed vote and for that reason it will be difficult to have unlimited floor motions. Historically there have been 1-2 IGA Rep motions from the floor per IGA so we propose a 2 motion cap, this should be a reasonable number. This means together with the Australia/Germany motions we will have maximum 4 motions at the 2020 IGA

If the IGA Reps submit more than 2 motions from the floor, then the IGA Motions Committee will propose a ranking system with the input of the IGA Reps.

As a reminder, the purpose of IGA Rep motions from the floor has been to address issues that arise during the IGA itself and that motions from 2020 GAs should be submitted for the 2021 IGA in line with the revised IGA motions guidelines to ensure sufficient time for movement wide discussion and buy-in. The deadline for motions for 2021 have not been set since we don't know exactly when the IGA 2021 will take place as well as there are still GAs happening in October so the deadline will probably be after the 2020 IGA."



By: Sophie Guillaumie