MSF Academy For healthcare



What is MSF Academy ?
Over 90 per cent of MSF staff are recruited locally in the areas we work. To ensure we can provide quality care for our patients according to MSF standards and protocols of care, we are investing in the training and upskilling of local health workers through the MSF Academy for Healthcare.
Founded in 2017, the MSF Academy aims to significantly contribute to building the professional competencies of healthcare workers in countries where healthcare human resources are poor.
Today the MSF Academy for Healthcare runs clinical and public health trainings, linking up with academic institutions to accredit its courses. The Academy offers continuous professional development in several countries across sub-Saharan Africa, through on-the-job training and theoretical and practical instruction and mentoring, using innovative and informative methodologies.
Over the coming three years (2019-21), the MSF Academy for Healthcare will focus on four key areas: hospital nursing; anaesthetic nursing; strategic medical management; and infectious diseases:
By: Alain Nizigiyimana