MSF Denmark

Welcome to MSF Denmark

MSF Denmark is happy to welcome you to our page on Inside OCB.

On this page we intend to give you all the information you need from and about MSF Denmark, including our Board, membership, events, section news and much more. The idea is to have a platform where we can share information, thoughts and ideas, so we invite you to participate!

  • In the Section News you will find all relevant information from the executive and the associative life.
  • On the Notice Board you can post notices to the other members, maybe you are looking for an apartment or you want to rent out , maybe you want to share invitations or other informations etc. Its a good idea to also post these notices on our facebook group: MSF-DK asso.
  • In the Debate forum you can start your own debate.
  • Visiting us in person? Check out the directions to our office in the attachment below.

Inside OCB is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to engage in internal debates and discussions. Its a living platform, so we look forward to and welcome your comments and ideas as the page progres. You can write a comment on all pages or you can send an email to Kamilah with your inputs.


By: Anna Borg