MSF Evening: MSF & the Climate Change (19 November, 2019)

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MSF and the Climate Change emergency – time for action! (November 19, 2019)

What we will discuss: 

  • IGA motion on Climate Change passed this summer: ”A matter of urgency: MSF role, responsibility and capacity regarding the climate, environment and their health consequences”. Dr. Maria S. Guevara is Senior Operational Positioning and Advocacy Advisor at MSF OC Geneva and was one of the primary drivers and authors behind the motion. She will participate via link from Geneva and explain the background to and the content of the motion and what should be the actions taken throughout MSF now.
  • Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG:s). Claes Silfverhjelm has an MSc in Global studies with focus on Sustainable development and Human ecology and extensive experience as field logistician within MSF. He will discuss how we can use the globally accepted goals to direct and follow up our work related to climate change and sustainability. The main questions are;
    • Which are our strengths and weaknesses in relation to the SDGs?
    • Can we decide to be fossil free by 2030 without negative effects on our contributions?
    • What tools can we use in order to not invent the wheel ourselves?
  • Action to mitigate our footprint – What can we do now? Dr. Per-Erik Eriksson is a Civil Engineer with MSF field experience as logistician and is active in the MSF Sweden Innovation Unit. He will talk about a conversion to solar power and handover of an MSF hospital in DRC as well as innovation projects on solar powered air conditioning and medical oxygen production. He will also discuss how we as field workers can influence decisions in the projects when the operational centres are sometimes slow in adopting more sustainable solutions and how we personally can influence via travel patterns and more. You can read more about what Per-Erik will talk about here, and here, and here.
  • Sustainability reporting for MSF Sweden. Malin Magnfält, Excecutive Coordinator at MSF Sweden and Hanna Forsberg, Accounting Responsible at MSF Sweden have initiated a work towards sustainability reporting for MSF Sweden. They will describe the status of the work and discuss the steps forward to making this a powerful tool for our transitional work as well as our recruitment and fundraising.

Background materials: 


By: Rebecca Cederholm