MSF Sweden Board of Directors 2019-20

Agendas, Minutes, and other important Board Documents

The board members of MSF Sweden are elected by - and answers to - the members of the Association. The Board is ruled by the statutes and the Internal Rules and is the guardian and guarantor of the MSF ethics, values and principles. It sets the policies and strategies for MSF as well as supports and promotes the section’s activities.

The Board is accountable to the Association. Therefore an Annual Report, including a financial report, is presented at the General Assembly every year.

term: 2018-2021
Katrin Kisswani
Vice President
term: 2013-2022

term: 2016-2021
term: 2019-2022
Regular Member
term: 2020-2023
Karin Fischer Liddle
Regular Member
term: 2017-2022
Regular Member
term: 2020-2023
Regular Member
term: 2020-2023
Regular Member (fill-in position)
term: 2020-2021

Erling Larsson
Alternate Member
term: 2019-2021

Pär Norén
Alternate Member
term: 2020-2022





By: Cecilia Werner Kastensson