MSFB mini-AG's

Why an MSFB mini-AG?
Just like we have it on the field with the FAD, MSFers in Belgium also need a space to get together, discuss topics that YOU find important and that can possibly (but not mandatorily !) feed debates at the OCB Gathering/MSFB GA.

We want indeed the MSFB mini-AG to be an opportunity for you to put forward a subject you think merits a reflexion, a brainstorm, discover if opinions find echo with others, eventually decide on what you could do together to move an idea forward and to make a change, in a relaxed atmosphere and in interactive formats.

Remember, some members questioning about the quality of the medical care we provide to patients, about how we balance operational orientations made their way from the mini-AG to the Gathering to bring change.

Who’s invited?
Absolutely everyone, HQ staff, expats in between mission, Alumni, MSF Supply staff living in Belgium,  … Everybody is welcome!



By: Sophie Guillaumie