Musa Kabia (d. 7 November 2015)

Dear All,

Sierra Leone’s oldest MSF driver, Musa Kabia, passed away in a tragic accident on the 7th of November. Musa had worked with MSF in Sierra Leone for more than 18 years.  Musa was one of the most amazing men we have worked with.  He was strong, brave, honourable, and so proud of his children. Musa was a guard, a boat captain, a driver, and a loyal proud father.

Yes, Musa was our boat pilot for our getaway boat in Freetown during the civil war and as a driver he was an example of excellence that was followed by the younger drivers; it is partly due to him that we have such good drivers today.

Musa leaves behind 3 daughters and 2 sons. His calm and welcoming demeanour will be missed, not only in Sierra Leone. His courage and honourable behaviour left a lasting impression on many. A lot of expats who worked during and after the civil war still remember him. So sad that he should be struck down on the evening his country was finally declared free of Ebola. Farewell dear Musa, you will be missed by all of us in Sierra Leone.

Jacob Maïkere - HOM

From Cell-3 in Brussels
It is with great sadness that we received the news of the untimely death of our dear colleague and friend Musa. He was our longest employed driver and worked 18 years for us. In all this time Musa was very much respected for his dedication and motivation for MSF and very much appreciated by all his co-workers and he was a true friend to everybody. Our thoughts are with you and we wish you all the strength you need to deal with this very difficult loss.

Our sincere condolences on behalf of all of us in Operational Cell 3 in Brussels: Richard, William, Petra, Caroline, Amélie, Mery, Fafa and Julio.

From his team
Musa was a careful driver and always had good advice to give, he was seen as a father by the drivers and the guards. He always had a smiling face and was ready to help. He lived through all the difficult times in the mission.
We have lost a great and devoted driver/colleague in the mission. We shall continue to pray for him and his family.

From Sonja - Medco
I had only known Musa for two months but he made a deep impression on me as a colleague and as a friend: clear, direct, honest and dedicated. He was caring for his family; he was caring for his children as well as for the ‘young ones’ in the team, as he used to call them.

From Ellie Ford Kamara (Project Coordinator, MSF-SA)
I worked in Salone from 1997-1999 and have been back several times.  Musa was one of the most amazing men I have ever met. Strong, brave, honourable, so proud of his children – “our” MSF children who used to live in our compound with us.  I have so many memories of Musa: too many that rush through my mind this morning - guard, boat captain, driver, loyal proud father. Most spectacularly, though, is that over the course of two awful weeks he saved our lives over and over and over again.  He faced off death for us and he put very his life on the line for us.  I am sure that had he not been there my life, and the lives of many others, would have taken a very different turn.

My family owes its very existence to Musa.  God bless you Musa.

From Mark Debackere (Cambodia - HOM)
I am hereby, on behalf of myself and the entire Cambodian team, passing all our empathy to the family and friends of Musa, as well as to all the MSF-colleagues there.

I have such good souvenirs of him and will never forget all of them.

May he rest in peace.

By: Göran Svedin