The next chapter

Ecco il primo pack relativo a The Next Chapter, il nuovo capitolo sul futuro di MSF, che segue "the call for change" (a disposizione nel menù a destra, sotto "crescita del movimento"). Di seguito il messaggio di Christos Christou, il nostro nuovo presidente internazionale. Si vuole diffondere la consapevolezza della necessità di cambiare la struttura MSF in modo partecipato e ampiamente discusso. L'engagment/consultazione inizierà fin dai primi mesi del 2020!

Per questo, la proposta dell'International Board viene lanciata insieme ad una serie di strumenti volti a facilitare la discussione: ci sono un video e un fumetto, disponibili in inglese, francese, spagnolo e arabo. In allegato trovate il documento e il fumetto in inglese. La relativa pagina internazionale (in cui è visionabile anche il video) è a disposizione a questo link (login: msf /password: asso). Verso la fine dell'anno, inizio del prossimo sarà messo a disposizione un ulteriore toolkit. 


In allegato trovate inoltre la risposta di OCB e di OCP a "The next chapter".


From: Christos CHRISTOU <>
Sent: lundi, 11 novembre 2019 16:25
To: DL-List_Igareps <>
Cc: DL-IO-IB <>
Subject: The Next Chapter - working together for change in MSF

Dear IGA colleagues,  

As MSF approaches 50 years of existence, we continue to be an association of people bound together by our values and our strong belief in humanitarianism. Over these five decades we have achieved many great accomplishments in support of populations worldwide – though we also recognize that there remain many needs across the different countries.

In addition, our associative nature continues to serve us well. It grounds us in our medical action and supports our accountability both to our supporters and to each other. It challenges us to think harder and take actions so that we can always work to improve our operations.

But in order to continue to provide the best possible care, we must evolve.

The Next Chapter is another step in our many discussions about MSF’s continuous evolution: How is and should our humanitarian medical association evolve in response to both internal and external pressures and challenges?

This document, when read in conjunction with the Call for Change (March 2018) and Setting Our Common Expectations: An Associative Paper (February 2015), opens an associative process that aims to answer this question. This process is our joint responsibility, to reflect together to bring about the right change in MSF.

MSF’s evolution must remain fully focused on our ability to deliver the social mission (do operations on the field). No single document nor process can do this alone, nor can a small group of individuals. The International Board is proposing The Next Chapter as a means of initiating a conversation across the Movement, regardless of who we are or where we are.

The purpose is to encourage and support a dynamic, Movement-wide discussion which will help combine ideas in support of strategic change that will make our institutional organization better suited to support humanitarian medical action for our immediate future.

For this to work it is important to insist on what the Next Chapter is and is not.

It is not a blueprint, strategic proposal nor policy document of any type; nor is it proposing any definite solution.

It is a document to provoke reaction and reflection. It is to make us challenge our status quo and get us thinking outside the box.

The IB proposes a timeline of 18 months to do this, with a first check in point at the IGA in 2020 and a concluding discussion in IGA 2021.

At this time, we are sharing with you The Next Chapter’s proposal, together with a comic and a video in English, French and Spanish (Arabic will be available soon). Both the comic and video aim to make the document as accessible as possible to the maximum number of people. By the end of December, we hope to supply further support in the form of a toolkit which will provide different methodologies to help organize discussions and facilitate the collection of outputs.

All this information can be found at the following link  (login: msf / password: asso). Outputs from all discussions will also be available on this page as we receive them.

We encourage you to make this information widely available within your own Association and to start thinking about how you will participate in this reflection.

We further encourage you to reach out to members of the IB and engage in this discussion with them. If you require any further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to your IB link or the International Associative Team.

To give sufficient support and follow-up to the Next Chapter the IB have created a Steering Group that includes the following members: Kathryn Chu, Phil Sacks, Mego T., Bertrand D. Pete B., Áine M, Habiba A., Sam B. and Chris Lockyear. The project is being followed up on a daily basis by members of the IAT.

With my best regards


Dr Christos Christou

International President

By: Annalisa Napoleoni