Noriko Boku (d. 28 November 2013)

Departure of a great heart

It is a great loss for MSF that our beloved Noriko Boku (ER Doctor) died the 28 November 29, 2013.I don't know much about Noriko because the hazards of the Syrian war prevented us from working together as much as initially planned.It is on the Turkish border that I had the chance to meet her and get to know her.

After a first mission in Pakistan, Noriko was taking this new mission very much at heart and asking me numerous questions on the context and even more so on her role-to-be within the medical activities. Noriko's role as Head of Emergency cares made her an essential actor in regards to our medical response - that is also why we spent much time together discussing the work ahead but also areas of possible improvement regarding MSF assistance to affected conflict victims. This also gave us the opportunity to share our impressions and thoughts on the personal consequences, or constraints our commitments to work in such contexts can create.

Though I don't know much about Noriko, yet I also had the feeling I got to know her very well in that short time - enough to feel very empty and faced with an indelible inability to grasp the announcement made a few weeks later that Noriko would not be doing anymore mission for MSF  and we will never work again togeher.

Pierre Boulet-Desbareau

By: Association Intern