The OCB Asso-Executive working group on racism


End of June, both OCB and MSFB Board members and members of the executive agreed on the creation of a joint working group to tackle this issue and to develop a concrete action plan.The asso-executive working group was created to examine all forms of racism in OCB. It reports back to the OCB Board. Its aim is not only to better understand the problem, but above all to develop a roadmap for changes.

Members of the working group:

Chair: Jean-Paul Jemmy (OCB Board)
Bertrand Draguez (OCB President)
Agnes Musonda (OCB Board)
Sohur Mire (OCB Board)
Tommaso Fabbri (OCB Board)
Claudia Lodesani (OCB Board)
Renata Santos (OCB Board)
Sébastien Roy (MSFB Board)
Meinie Nicolai (OCB General Director)
Hélène Lorinquer (OCB Deputy General Director)
Bruno Duchenne (OCB HR Department Director)
Jonathan Whittall (OCB Analysis Department Director)

The working group will :

  • examine structural racism, i.e. the barriers resulting from racism that exist within the structures, policies, processes and culture of OCB and propose practical ways to address them
  • tackle overt racism, which will probably require to increase the GAREC's resources
  • create a safe space for colleagues to share their experiences, especially those who have had no opportunities to express themselves (because of lack of access to communciation technologies, etc.

The working group has identified an external consultant, Professor Margo Okazawa-Rey, who will support OCB in mapping the intrnal barriers and setting up a roadmap of actions against racism.

By: Claudia Schur