The OCB Board

Cover letters and CV's of the OCB Board

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we could not come together as planned on 5th and 6th June for the 2020 OCB Gathering. unfortunately this year we will not be able to meet each other live; the OCB Gathering will be held online on November 27th and 28th.

The mandates of the 2 elected Board members that are coming to an end this year - Anneli Eriksson and Sohur Mire - have been extended until then.


ELECTIONS 2019: All the info here

At the OCB Gathering 2019, Jean-Paul Jemmy (re-election) and Jackson Naimah were elected for a new 3 years mandate.

The compostion of the OCB Board is now the following:

Members representing the sections:
Agnes Musonda (SA)
Bertrand Draguez (B)
Claudia Lodesani (IT)
Heidi Christensen (DK)
Renata Santos (BR)
Karine Nordstrand (NW)
Katrin Kisswani (SW)
Jean Dubois (Lux)
Katrien Coppens (HK)
Members elected at the OCB Gathering
Anneli Eriksson (mandate to 2020)
Jackson Naimah (mandate to 2022)
Jean-Paul Jemmy (mandate to 2022)
Sohur Mire (mandate to 2020)
Stéphane Goriely (mandate to 2021)
Tommaso Fabbri (mandate to 2021)
Joël Ghazi (mandate to 2020)
"Bureau" of the Board:

President : Bertrand Draguez
Vice-Presidents: Sohur Mire and Jean Paul Jemmy
Treasurer: Alex Parisel (MSF-B Board, non-voting)
Secretary: Agnes Musonda

Different committees/Working Groups:

Motions committee: Tommaso Fabbri, Jackson Naimah, Renata Santos (Stephane Goriely and Anneli Eriksson - back up)
Medical Ethical committee: Katrin Kisswani, Karine Nordstrand, Jean-Paul Jemmy, Heidi Christensen, Peter Firmenich (observer)
GAREC: Jean-Paul Jemmy, Tom Decroo (MSFB Board) and Pieter Van Wolvelaer (MSFB Board)
Security committee: Bertrand Draguez, Katrin Kisswani, Sohur Mire, Stéphane Goriely
Steering committee for evaluations: Anneli Eriksson
Associative-executive platform: Stéphane Goriely, Anneli Eriksson, Tommaso Fabbri, Pierre Skilbecq (MSFB Board), Barbara Kerstiens (MSFB Board)
APPLe project/ASSO life in the field: Stephane Goriely, Bertrand Draguez
Budget committee: Bertrand Draguez, Celine Remy (MSFB Board), André Coulange (MSFB Board), Jean Dubois (OCB Board), Andreas Häggström
Audit committee: Bertrand Draguez, Celine Remy (MSFB Board), André Coulange (MSFB Board), Jean Dubois (OCB Board), Andreas Häggström
Working group on Accountability to patients and communities: Anneli Eriksson, Katrin Kisswani, Agnes Musonda,Tom Decroo (MSFB Board)
Working group on Board functioning: Karine Nordstrand, Katrin Kisswani, Sohur Mire, Anneli Eriksson, Claudia Lodesani, Jean-Paul Jemmy, Bertrand Draguez
HR Committee: Katrin Kisswani, Agnes Musonda, Heidi Christensen, Claudia Lodesani
IGA representatives: Pieter Van Wolvelaer (MSFB Board), Sameh Kirollos
Asso-exe working group on racism: Renata Santos, Jean-Paul Jemmy, Bertrand Draguez, Tommaso Fabbri
Working group on profiling & ethical framework & Sahel: Stephane Goriely

Dates OCB Board 2019 - 2020:
18/06/2019        OCB Board Meeting VC
27-28/09/2019   OCB Board Meeting (in person)
17/12/2019        OCB Board Meeting VC
24-25/01/2020   OCB Board Meeting (in person)
17/03/2020        OCB Board Meeting VC
24/04/2020        OCB Board Meeting VC
16/06/2020        OCB Board Meeting VC
25-26/09/2020   OCB Board Meeting VC
15/12/2020        OCB Board Meeting VC - Budget


By: Maria Diaz Garcia