OCB Gathering 2013

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OCB Gathering 2013: All you need to know about it!

Following last year’s formula, the OCB Gathering event began with an OCB Operational Research Day. With luXOr (the Operational research unit in luxemburg) and saMu (the HIV/aids unit in south africa) a varied agenda had been prepared with strong presentations from our own field experience. Read the OR Day booklet

Beside the operational research day, the presidents report, voting on motions and election of board members, the following topics were debated at the OCB Gathering:

Excluding staff for the sake of access: short term solution, long term problem?
To gain access or lower the risk, we exclude certain qualified staff based on race, nationality, gender or religion in some key contexts. so far we have been pragmatic; access to the people in need prevails over controlling the choice of the staff we send. This debate aims to explore the practical constraints, the moral dilemmas and long term effects of this practice.

Syria – failure of the aid response
MsF has been unsuccessful in negotiating access to all affected areas in syria across the frontlines, only working in opposition-controlled regions from the border of Turkey. Other humanitarian agencies only have access to government areas. How can we improve access to humanitarian aid for the syrians stuck in this brutal conflict?

Hepatitis C – Which role for MSF?
The efficiency of the Hepatitis C treatment is limited, it has many serious side effects and is expensive. Hepatitis C is prevalent world-wide and kills 350,000 persons per year. Which role for MsF in the treatment and advocacy for access to treatment for Hepatitis C?

By: Göran Svedin