OCB Gathering 2014

Highlights at the OCB Gathering 2014:
Operational research
With LUXOR and SAMU we prepared an agenda based on our field experience and a round table on antibiotic resistance. Read the OR Day booklet.

Migration – Invisible suffering
OCB has decided to invest in care for migrants and asylum seekers both on the migration route and their arrival in Europe. An overview of our activities and position will be presented with focus on transit and destination countries. Is there a role for MSF in ensuring continuity of care in the context of rejection or forced returns?

Is humanitarian action less accepted and how much risk are we willing to take?
Risk taking is inevitable in our work. The needs of the population dictate where we go, but do they also dictate our risk acceptance? Does MSF – and humanitarians in general – have exceptional status in these contexts? Where does MSF currently sit on the sliding scale of extreme risk-taking to riskavoidance?

The future of MSF as an association
Given the desire to move to inter-OC logic for decision-making, how should OC groups view themselves in the future? Which of the various sectional and associative activities within an OC group really contribute to the improvement/efficiency of the operations? How can we make those accessible to a larger number, can we regionalise some of these events?
By: Göran Svedin