OCB Gathering 2015

Highlights !

Operational research:
With LUXOR and SAMU we have prepared an agenda based on our field experience, including Ebola and the ethics in clinical trials. Read the booklet here.

The role of MSF in transnational epidemics:
The Ebola outbreak resulted in an unprecedented response of MSF, and we became the referent organisation by default. What is the role of an NGO in such a medical disaster? And what is our role in a pandemic? Are we prepared and what will be our priorities?

The Movie: Affliction:
The Ebola response, voices from the field. You can watch it here!

Should MSF become an actor in medical education?
MSF develops internal trainings but investment in support of quality and accreditation is needed. Should we go further? Universities have increasing commercial interests and so does the medical profession. Is there a case for MSF to challenge this, becoming an actor and putting care back in the centre, creating non-for-profit education? Where we challenge economical barriers, improve our own quality and contribute to the human resources for health in the south?

Is our identity impacting our access and acceptance?
Humanitarian aid faces a double challenge: the overall implementing capacity is reducing and aid is increasingly rejected by some local groups. How does MSF survive these dilemmas and should we review our identity to increase access and acceptance?


By: Göran Svedin