OCB Gathering 2016

Looking back at the Gathering: Outcomes, movies and summaries of debates.

The OCB-Gathering was held in the office in Brussels on 3 - 4 June 2016. Here beside you find all the information on what happened.

Highlights !

Operational Research:
With LUXOR and SAMU an agenda was prepared based on our field experience, including care for people on the move, care for Ebola survivors, treating Hepatitis C, the care we provided for 4 years in Kunduzand many other topics. Read the OR Day booklet here.

Treating ‘terrorists’?
The horrific attack on our Kunduz hospital was exceptional; there is a trend however in attacking patients, personnel and medical facilities. Can independent and impartial humanitarian aid exist if the recipient has been classified as a “terrorist”? Does independent humanitarian aid risk coming under attack, when we do what we have to do: treating the wounded on the frontline and also during ‘counter-terrorist’ operations?

Campaign for access, Access to Campaign
The Access Campaign has existed for many years and achieved a lot. While the environment is changing; many people continue to have limited access to proper care. What kind of action do we need in order to increase access to medicines, vaccines and medical tools?

Is Proximity still an MSF principle?
Our limited access to certain populations due to security constraints and our work in hospitals has the risk to create more distance between us and the people we assist. Have we lost contact with our patients? Proximity has always been a key principle for MSF’s action, is this still the case?

This year 8 motions were presented and voted upon. They all passed.


By: Göran Svedin