OCB Medical Strategy 2020-2023

Dear All,

Defining the vision, the roles and responsibilities and the principles of our department has been a rejuvenating, positive and complex process.  We have come together to produce a strategy document that we all believe in and feel represents who we are and what we stand for.

At the core of our activities for the next four years, we will prioritize child health, response to epidemics, trauma care and care for victims of violence, HIV & tuberculosis care and women’s health. We will also continue to invest in the rapidly evolving field of environmental health, in our response to rising antimicrobial resistance, in access to health care in urban settings, in developing models of care in displacement and forced migration, as well as in our approach to non-communicable diseases.

We advocate for projects to be designed and managed with the close involvement of the communities they serve. As such, community health care and primary health care have also been identified as deserving much more attention. This is to ensure meaningful community involvement, as well as the continuum of care for our patients and to have a vision of the health care ecosystem within which we work. We are fully committed to follow the OCB strategic orientations and to realise the OCB operational prospects.

We want to thank all of you who participated in the MSF-OCB strategic exercise through meetings, working groups, circles, retreats, debates and intense conversations. A special thanks to Annick Antierens and Javier Gabaldon who consolidated our wild energy into key documents. And “merci” to Kirrily de Polnay, Philippe Maillot and Eva Kongs for the editing and formatting of these documents, making us proud to share them widely.

We welcome your feedback and thoughts, and look forward to making our words a reality.


Sebastian Spencer, Medical Director

Catherine Van Overloop, Deputy Medical Director

By: Sophie Guillaumie