Online discussion evening: Humanitarian Crisis in the Sahel (1st April 2020)

Humanitarian crisis in the Sahel

Wednesday, April 1, 2020 - 18:00 to 20:00

Here’s the link to the online MSF evening “Humanitarian Challenges in the Sahel”: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

The discussion takes place on Wednesday, 1st April at 18:00 Stockholm time.

Some recommendations for this meeting:

  • Connect 10-5 minutes before the event starts (we will be connected from 17:45 if you want to do a test of sound)
  • Turn off sound and camera if you’re not presenting. Turn them on in case you have a comment/presentation to make
  • If you want to write down your thoughts, you’re welcome to do so via Mentimeter: Go to and use the code 11 94 29
  • Feel free to send a message if you’re experiencing technical difficulties or want to say something during the discussion. You can click in the messaging box in Teams.


From Cameroon to Borno State in Nigeria, governments, rebels and terrorist organisations are challenging independent humanitarian action. How must MSF act to safeguard it? Cameroon, Chad and Nigeria are all part of the Sahel, a region vulnerable to drought and famines – yet neglected from international media coverage. Let our fieldworkers tell you more about what they have witnessed on the ground.

With the participation of:

Frida Lagerholm -Comms Manager and recent returnee from Western Cameroon
Grace Olsen -Nurse and returnee from Maiduguri
Mia Hejdenberg -Operational Advisor for Chad and CAR, OCA

With moderation by Pieter Jan van-Eegermont, Humanitarian Advisor for MSF Sweden

A link to connect to the event will be posted here the day of the event at 16h00 CEST. You can also e-mail to get it in your e-mail.

By: Ana Maria Chaurio