Peer-to-Peer Meeting on Covid-19 Part II (17 June 2020)

MSF Sweden invites office colleagues and members to the Webinar “Peer to peer meeting on COVID-19”
MSF has responded to crises since the organization was created in 1971. With Covid-19, MSF is adapting our existing projects as well as starting new interventions in many parts of the world. Besides operations, the MSF network is sharing its expertise from Ebola and other humanitarian crises with governments, institutions and other organizations. In Sweden, COVID-19 has led to a mobilization and adaptation of health care system that is unprecedented. Many MSF associative members have been part of responding to the crisis and has experienced situations that are quite similar to what we face in the field. With expertise and skills from the work in the field, MSFers have been a great asset to employers by leading crisis teams, organizing field hospitals, introducing new ways of working and last but definitively not least by providing care to critically ill patients.

But how are we coping during present circumstances? With rising numbers of COVID-19 cases and a healthcare sector under increasing strain many healthcare personnel can find themselves facing difficult situations and moral challenges. Is there a need of collegiate support between MSFers to alleviate and to manage moral stress?

With this digital meeting we would like to give a platform to MSF members to exchange experiences from the first months of the COVID-19 response in Sweden. The aim is also to discuss issues related to “moral stress” and see/learn what can be done about it. This virtual meeting can explore if there would be an interest and willingness to engage further for example through creating aa peer to peer support network.

By: Ana Maria Chaurio