Témoignage (speaking out) is a vital part of the MSF mission, in fact we often say that "your mission doesn't end when you come home". Giving a presentation for members of the public (everything from school classes to presenting to big companies) is all about speaking out and letting the world know about the realities in the field. It is also a fun way to share your experiences.

Every week MSF Sweden receives requests from all kinds of organizations that would like a presentation by a MSF Field Worker. This can be middle schools, church associations, medical students, UN associations, pensioners associations, meetings for the general public, you name it. Lots of people would like to know more about MSF.

All we ask for is some of your time. We can not reinburse you for lost wages, but we generally ask the organization requesting the presentation to cover travel costs. 

You can find the speakers guidlines (in English and Swedish) as well as standard presentation in the sidebar. You can always contact us if you have any questions, or is in need of additional materials. 

Interested? Want more information? Contact Evelina! She can advise you on the latest news about MSF’s work overseas; give general guidelines on shaping your presentation for a particular audience; and send material. 

Did you give a presentation in the past year, please let Evelina know? Field workers are often contacted directly about giving presentations, which is great: the more people hear about the work of MSF, the better but we like to keep track of how many presentations are being done around the country.


By: Rebecca Cederholm