President's moral report

Given by Dr. Chiels Liu, President of MSF Hong Kong

Dear fellow members, colleagues, and those from the missions, operation centres and other partner sections, welcome and thanks for joining MSF-Hong Kong AGM 2016.

It is a great pleasure for me to speak here on behalf of Board of MSF-Hong Kong.

It seems that MSF had just relieved from the Ebola outbreak in 2014, while we continued to provide care for newly infected Ebola patients and survivors in West Africa, we were deeply shocked and saddened by the unprecedented Kunduz hospital attack by US gunship AC-130 on the night of Oct 3. 42 people died in that attack, they are patients, care takers and our dear colleagues, our dear friends. Please forgive me if I can’t pronounce their name correctly. Abdul Masqood, Abdul Nasir, Abdul Salam, Abdul Satar Saheer, Aminullah Bajawri, Lal Mohammad, Mohammad Ehsan Osmani, Mohibullah, Najibullah, Naseer Ahmad, Shafiqullah, Tahseel, Zabiullah, and Ziaurahman. And it is not a single event, MSF’s hospital and its supported facilities were repeated attacked in Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, Afghanistan and Sudan. Our thoughts go out to the friends and families of those who tragically lost their lives.

2015 saw MSF-Hong Kong paving a solid way to meet the objectives and direction as defined in the 2014-2016 strategic plan and the endorsed MSF-HK 10 years vision paper. I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the achievements of MSF-HK in 2015.

Financial and Administrative department

In 2015, Our team has set up proper authorization structure in online banking system, launch inventory management policy, improved IT infrastructure in the office which is essential in the rapid IT developed world. A completed RSA3 from 2016 to 2019 projection in line with agreed framework and first Risk Assessment are also carried out. Also, the team provide needed support to regional (Taiwan) office setup in various aspects, in finance, office lease, IT and etc.

Human Resource Department

In the past years, the human resource department in HK office was divided to field HR and office HR. The office HR was embedded in Fin&Admin department. In 2015, we merged field HR and office HR into one. Many thanks to the team.

A total number of 197 mission departures were carried out in 2015, Among them, 47 were first missioners and 24 assumed the responsibility of coordinator or medical team leader. In addition, 53 professionals were newly recruited from the region. It is also the eighth year that MSF-Hong Kong facilitated the annual surgical training with participants coming from different countries. Among the recruits and departures, the Philippines continue to be a stable source which is 38% and 41%, Indonesia took over another 13% of the recruitments and 18% of the departures.

In terms of office HR, we may conclude that 2015 is a rather stable year, our staff turnover rate dropped from 28% in 2014 to 9% in 2015.

Comms Department

Over 4,500 people joined the MSF Orienteering Competition 2015, we not only raised over 6.5 million HKD but also let the participants experience the challenge faced on the front line. The MSF Day held on 7 July raised over 6.3 million HKD. Mr. Louis Koo, the Honorary Campaign leader and 5,700 individuals volunteered for MSF by giving a day’s income. Both events were the most successful ones to date.

In Mainland China, the I love MSF campaign featuring an online game “Humanitarian Assistance at the Crossroads” was launched. Collaborating with FR team, in Taiwan MSF hosted its biggest public event, a photo exhibition, combined with field worker sharing as well as documentary screen, was held in June in Taipei and the 10-day event attracted over 15,000 visitors. In Jarkata, Indonesia, the photo exhibition titled “Witnessing the World: The Journey of Doctors Without Borders” was also organized. The same exhibition was also shown in Singapore.

Fund Raising Department

Throughout 2015, MSF-HK raised 387 million HKD, of which nearly 100% came from private sources, 11.8% growth compared with 2014. In Taiwan and Singapore, because we are not fully registered, therefore we adopted “Offshore FR Model” with positive result.

The 2015 stand alone programs to cover from Age 5-12, School Program, Age 12-18 Interactive Program, Age 18-25 Volunteer Program has been implemented. The age 25-45 Philanthropy / HNWI Program is till on going. The on/offline campaign integration and online user experience improvement was also achieved.

Though it happened in April 2016, here I would like to share that we have successfully registered in Taiwan as a representative office. In Singapore we are still multilaterally exploring the registration options.

Operation Support Unit
The OSU continue to give close and constant support to Indonesia mission, with the ERSU manager drafting the proposal for the adolescent project, and the RHR acting as HOM for 6 months, support was also given to Malaysia and Thialand missions. And there was also good collaboration with other partner sections like MSF-JP and MSF-Australia.

The OSU also supported MSF’s mission outside Asia, such as S. Sudan (per request by the mission), Afghanistan and Pakistan.This support continued in the first half of 2016, the fisherman rescue training in Aceh, Indonesia being a highlight.

There was the creation of the Southeast Asia Refugee Support Network, of which the ERSU Manager and Regional Humanitarian Representative are core members.


MSF is invited as guest speakers on several conference, and Joanne Liu visited China in the end of 2015, she was interviewed by CCTV and it was the first time that the official Chinese media CCTV updates MSF’s work in fighting Ebola disease.

Though we have achieved most of the target we set, the rapid expansion in volume and grows in diversity creates strain to back-end operation on administrative side. In field worker recruitment, we experienced shortage of specific profiles in our poll, e.g. gynaes. The registration in Singapore didn’t proceed as expected. And the uncertainty of INGO environment in China, the release of the very controlling INGO law constrained our activity and make us in a very difficult situation even only to provide the protection of working right to our staff inside China.

On associative side, MSF-HK board in truly regional, the board has proved that the regional model works. As a President resident outside the location of the office, I personally would like to express my gratitude to the support from my fellow board members. We all strived to fulfil our duty as a board. The discussion was always vibrant though sometime we spent a bit too much time on executive side. As the board, we shall exert more energy on social mission and we have the obligation to create a meaningful platform for the association members to participate the discussion. It’s not easy, especially MSF-HK association is composed with asso members from different countries and culture backgrounds, but we share the same value of MSF. This is what keep the association alive.

We shall ensure that we invest not only in the system but more importantly we invest in people, we shall create the proximity of the field to our staff to keep everyone up to work for our beneficiaries, those civilians in conflict and in epidemics. Let’s not forget why we work for MSF, why we are gathering here today. We are here to achieve our social mission, to support our friends in the front line, to provide medical care to the people in need.

Looking in the future, MSF-HK will continue to strive our best to provide high quality of support to MSF’s missions around the world. At the same time, we will continue our incubation role in the development of MSF in Taiwan, Singapore and China. By leveraging existing resources and providing the new initiatives with necessary knowledge and experiences from Hong Kong. Our goal will remain to enhance our Humanitarian and Medical identity in these regions as a core component to our development, while emphasizing transparency for our supports.

After the AGM, we will be engaged with developing the next 3-year strategic plan.

No organization will succeed if we fail to acknowledge the hard work of their members who have made tremendous amount of contribution of their time and energy. I want to thank every staff in MSF-HK office for their dedication and professionalism at their works. I also want to express my appreciation for every board member of MSFHK. Thank you all for the support you have given me in the year. Last but not least, a big applaud to all the field workers and association members of MSF-HK for the great works and contribution.

May I ask you all to continue to offer your engagement, hard work, wisdom and support to MSFHK so that we will continue to move this organisation forward. We are all in this together for a common good. Thank you.

By: Jennifer Wong