Projeto associativo em Moçambique

News: FAD 21-22 February 2018

Read the activity report here and watch out for photos in the gallery.

Relatorio Associativo Mocambique 2017:

Read the FAD report: Relatório do FAD 2018


MSFOCB is running three (3) major projects in Mozambique (Maputo, Beira and Tete) and a small one in Manica (Manica project).

In Maputo, both Sections OCB and OCG are sharing the same office and they work together. Both sections are involved in the association activities and the members from OCB and OCG are part of MSFSA Association.

Each project (province) has an elected associative board responsible for the budget and activities planned according with the specific needs of the project. In terms of number of members, we have almost 100 members in Mozambique.

Last year we receive a Visit from a Board member for the Association in Brussels and together with the Associative members from Mozambique, we wrote 3 Associative Project Documents (that after called Apple Project) for Tete, Beira and Maputo Project.

Associative Project Documents Mozambique 2016

Maputu:                                      Tete:                                            Beira:


By: Natacha dos Santos