This debate was held at the 2019 OCB Gathering. Let's continue to share our thoughts !

To improve our medical humanitarian work, our operational models need evolving. The idea of ‘recentralisation’ has been proposed as an interesting model with the potential for less bureaucracy, and more decision-making capacity at field level.

But what does this process entail? How have past operational shifts impacted our current approaches?  Are there current examples for us to learn from?

Please join us for this discussion and help shape our future operational model!



Outcome of the debate - by Sohur Mire (OCB Board member)
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Outcome of the debate in EN et FR


Outline of the debate and panel

  • The first speaker will be Meinie Nicolai, who will give us an idea of what recentralisation means and what the vision for OCB looks like. 
  • Eric Goemaere will give a historic and current overview as well as his perspective. 
  • Jean-Francois Saint-Sauveur will share the background to and example of OCBAs initiative in Nairobi.
  • Julia Hill will talk about her experience as a Project Coordinator and the impacts of current decision making processes in the HQ-field on issues such as autonomy, bureaucracy and efficiency.
  • The debate will be moderated by Sohur Mire, OCB Board member

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The Field Recentralisation project is up and running, and pockets of change are starting to pop up across the world. Do you want to challenge your teams and reflect together on how your project can change for the better, with more autonomy, staff empowerment and trust? Use this video to inspire your teams and get the discussion going!


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By: Sophie Guillaumie