Regional Association

MSF Hong Kong Regional Association

The MSF Hong Kong Association was founded in 1994 - making it the first regional association within the MSF Movement.

The Governance Reform Process (GRP) between 2009-2011 gave birth to other new regional entities in order to better represent the global diversity of the places where MSF staff are deployed and live.

There are currently a total of 6 regional associations within the MSF Movement, including MSF Hong Kong (founded 1994), MSF SARA (South Asia Regional Association, founded 2010) MSF EAA (East Africa Association, founded 2011), MSF LatAm (Latin America Association, founded 2011), MSF SAA (Southern Africa Association, founded 2015), and MSF WaCA (West and Central Africa Association, founded 2019).

Within MSFHK Association, there are a total of 14 countries that MSFHK can engage associatively; these are:

Our regional focal points to the associative network is a representative of MSF Hong Kong Association in their respective countries and they act as the crucial link between the members in his/her country and the association and the board. You can find out more about their roles and responsibilities and who they are at our Focal Points page.

The Association also organizes associative gatherings regularly to engage members in the different regions. The Association Executive regularly travels within the region to meet with peers and to host social events and to give information sessions about the latest associative development in the movement or debates on specific topics for which peers are welcomed and encouraged to participate. You can find out more on the Associative Events & Gatherings page.

By: Ka Wing Chan