Representing the FAD at the Gathering

Every FAD elects a representative to attend the OCB Gathering.  It is a valuable opportunity for members to play a direct part in a key moment in the life of the association, to appropriate it, to give it a new breath of life, and above all, express their ideas and concerns about MSF.

What is expected from a FAD representative to the OCB Gathering?

  • Representatives commit to be active participants in the OCB Gathering and to prepare and present any motion from the FAD. This means participating in the workshop preceding the Gathering together with all the other mission representatives (starting the morning of May 22). 
  • Representatives are also expected to take an active part of the Associative life in the mission upon their return.
  • The representative is also responsible to debriefing all members in the mission about the Gathering, what was decided, motions voted on etc. It is crucial that FAD representatives and coordinators debrief on the Gathering as soon as they get back in the field. 
  • The FAD representative must be in Brussels by the Wednesday morning preceding the OCB Gathering (May 21, 2013) in order to prepare (including preparing the presentation of motions with the Head of Mission).  They will also have the opportunity to take part in brainstorming and discussion on the associative life in their mission and in some parts of the Head of Mission week. 
  • Full information will be sent to all FAD representatives well in advance of the OCB Gathering.

Who can become a FAD representative?

The FAD representative must have participated in associative meetings and be a member of an OCB section before elected (if you have questions about membership, please contact 


Only members of an OCB Section can participate in the election of the FAD representative. The election can take place during the FAD or during any other associative meeting held prior to the FAD and organized by the mission. Indeed, the OCB Gathering will take place May 24-25, and given the fact that sometimes we need at least 2 months or more to procure a Schengen Visa, depending on when the FAD is scheduled it can be wise to hold the election earlier to ensure that the representative have a chance to go to Brussels.

By: Rebecca Cederholm