Running for MSF

Welcome to ‘Running for MSF’

– our running club is established!

The foundation of ‘Running for MSF’ in Denmark took place 29th April 2014 , and hereby all MSF People in Denmark are invited to join; expatriates, office staff and volunteers.

Whether you are at beginner or advanced level, or you are just thinking about running, or you would rather cheer and/or help out - you are very welcome to become a member of the running club.

The ‘kick-off’ race will be Christianshavnermilen (7,532 km) 2nd June, so put a big cross in your calendar!

Another race that is already booked is DHL 26th August. Torill will invite all members – there will be 3 teams where each team consist of 5 people running, and maybe walking in between , 5 km. Please see attached ‘New Runners program’ for inspiration.

Some issues we discussed at the foundation meeting: 
• How should we organise the running club? By creating a ‘Running for MSF’ Facebook group. Here, all members can invite others to races via ‘Events’ (under the photos of the members). When a member do so, this person has an extra responsibility to suggest meeting place, how to bring something to eat/drink for the social part etc.
• Should we have a sharp and flashy motto? No, we don’t need to, as ‘Running for MSF’ is good enough. 
• How do we embrace MSF People living across Denmark, and attract different nationalities? By attract members from all over Denmark, and attend races, i.e. make a social happening out of travel to the race.
• Should the running club be exclusive for MSF People, or should family, friends and others be allowed to become a member? Family, friends and others should not be allowed to become a member of the running club, but they should be allowed to run for MSF if a member invites them.
• Which races should we participate in; Copenhagen Marathon 18th May, Odense H.C. Andersen Half Marathon 28th September, DHL 5 km in August, other 2.5/5/10 km? That depends on initiatives from members, and the interest to attend. Please follow initiatives under ‘Events’.
• Do you have any training advice to share? Feel free to share advice or suggest meeting on a regular or ad-hoc basis to run together.

When you registrar to attend a race, please note ‘Running for MSF’ under ‘Running club’. Remember to contact Torill to get your ‘Running for MSF’ fabulous T-shirt!


My best wishes to all, 
Torill 45 31752510.



By: Anna Borg