Sanou in Kenya

Tupo Tupo!!!

- "Before MSF was a job by default (to get my salary). Now - its a job by choice!"

To hear this from one of our great local colleagues in Nairobi was very strong and impressive. I almost felt into tears, because to me this shows that the awareness raised, the motivation increased and the guts to continue to work for what MSF is - it's there and it's strong.

- "I am MSF!"

How can you say that? I have no clue, it actually doesnt matter to me. Just the fact that a colleague says this, after the SANOU, is to me amazing. Imagine, we have colleagues who feel this strong link with the values of MSF. The saying: "The team is not stronger than the weakest link"... well, if we all feel a little bit that we are MSF... wow then we are strong. Big time! To manage to work under the hard conditions around the world as we do...we need to be strong. This we know.

The fact that we manage to do this all together, all colleagues, but just normally based in different locations, such as mission, OC and Partner Section - has a great impact I believe. To be able to have discussions and to share challenges and possibilities on all the different levels/places within MSF I think is a healthy excersise. It creates a better platform for constructive discussion and understanding for all.

- "I'm really really impressed by SANOU!"

The tool SANOU, the whole content, struture, methods - you name it - it's great! I have to say that those of you who developed this one have done a incredible good job. It all make sense when "you" go through SANOU like this. It explains everything, without explaining everything.

To know that I have a lot of colleagues in Nairobi, who shares the same values as me, who is working hard and their best every day - makes it also more fun and motivating for me being a bit fare from the beneficiaries - up here in the North. We are all interlinked, we are all dependent on eachothers work (this I saw very nice in the example of Norwegian funds for the clinic in Kibera).

And dear all great colleagues in Nairobi: "Tupo Tupo!!!" - you know what I mean :-)

Really looking forward to go to next SANOU somewhere out there.

If you have a story and some pictures to share from the Sanou in your mission, please send a mail to

By: Solveig Busk Halvorsen