Sanou in Malawi

Great spirits in Thyolo!

The re-launch of the Sanou in Malawi happened in March this year (it had happen in 2011 and 2012 then the facilitator left MSF).  We decided to run the Sanou in one of our project – Thyolo, just 1 hour from the coordination office.  To facilitate the Sanou, HQ had identified 2 colleagues from the Norway office Solveig and Sonia. Before their arrival, the 3 projects had gathered together to identify potential participants and potential trainer.  So our SANOU was a mix of staff from all projects which contributed a lot in strengthening the link between the projects in the mission.

As the Sanou coordinators arrived, we started the training of trainers workshop. For some of the Sanou facilitators this was the first time giving training. Witch made it even more special. We discovered some unknown skills of our colleagues – one of them was a former teacher and you could really tell.  The group was a mix between expat and national staff.

After that training, we were all ready to launch the Sanou.

And then it started on the Monday 11th of March. The 21 one participants were ready starting with module 1, everyone a little quiet, shy to participate, not yet in the speak out mood.  BUT as soon as we reached the module 2 something happened. Every exercise started to take much more than planned as everyone had some experience to share.

It was great to be part of that training and see colleagues thoughts changing about MSF and discover how staff started to work with MSF. We had some vibrant testimony from some colleagues.

The good mix of profiles and projects also created a great dynamic in the group and contributed a lot to the success of the training.

Now we are already looking with all the facilitators to keep the Sanou alive in our mission.  We are planning to launch a new full session in the second part of the year.

Will keep inside ocb posted and thanks a lot to our coordinators form Norway Solveig and Sonia for the nice spirit they brought in the Malawi Sanou.

Love from Malawi
Christelle Plumier
If you have a story and some pictures to share from the Sanou in your mission, please send a mail to
By: Göran Svedin