Sanou in Pakistan

SANOU, SANOU (Welcome) after five years...

19th to 21st June, 2014 was the 4th SANOU in MSF Timergara project. The training was organized by Association and H.R together. Although the project exist since more than five years with a lot of senior staff, still most of the staff did not know about MSF in depth.

This SANOU was especially organized for all departmental supervisors as they are in direct contact with community and are working as a bridge between staffs and co-ordination and they can easily disseminate information to their subordinates.

19 staff members were trained by 5 facilitators in 3 days. All six modules were facilitated to the participants.

The facilitators
The facilitators
Starting with first module: What is MSF?
The participants face expression and excitement were noticeable when they come to know from where this name came and how evolution being in real in MSF’s life.

Then it came to MSF History.
To clarify the principles and differentiate between neutrality and impartiality. Practical exercises and discussions make the module colorful.

Where does MSF work.
Make the participant able to know where MSF actually is supposed to work. Speak out or Temoniage remain the basic principle among other. Receiving Nobel Peace Prize did not force the MSF lips to be silent. Which shows that real nature of humanitarianism.

The opening exercise of module 3: Where does MSF work

Very excited situation were observed when we were proceeding toward 4th module Who work with MSF. Where 1/10 ratio staff are International and local. How to cross culture and nature of people and come under a same umbrella to respond to the people in need without any discrimination.

MSF structure and funding make the participants aware of the fact that we play a bridge role between the donors and the patients, and how much trustworthy this relationship should be to ensure the donors that the money goes to the right things. MSF satisfy the donors through feed backs, seminars and fundraising campaigns. In this module the participant's vision were enlightened that every one in his/her circle own the same responsibility to use the MSF limited resources very cautiously and responsibly.

Nawsherwan doing the presentation

In the final module MSF as an Association: being a mega project in term of activities and nature of interventions there was a huge work for the ASSO focal person to make the employees the real MSF ambassadors. This is going to be achieved for all the employees as repeatedly the SANOU is to be organized  to achieve the goal of making all the employees the Ambassadors for MSF. The participants were given a full info and knowledge about how the Association change, how it participate in debates and how discussions and voting give an alter direction to MSF operations.

Although it was quite difficult for me to trained the senior most staff because, I thought that they might have a lot of knowledge about MSF, but what i found they are working and they are not fully aware about MSF as an organization and association. The participants were interactive, curious and co-operative during the training course. Most of the participants enjoyed and learnt alot in the course.

We are planning to have SANOU training for every staff in the project to present MSF ‘s real picture to community.

By: Haider Anwar