Solomon Teklemariam (d. 7 November 2017)

One of the ex-OCB staff from Ethiopia mission has passed away. Everyone who went to Ethiopia mission will remember Solomon, who had a career of over 30 years with MSF as a driver and was one of the icons of the mission.

Solomon Teklemariam or ‘Mafia’, passed away yesterday morning. Solomon gave more than 30 years of his life to MSF and became the true MSF icon of the Ethiopia mission, the classic MSF dinosaur. He worked for many years with OCB followed by a few years of working for OCP.

Solomon had it all: he was funny, adventurous, resilient, smart and lived every moment of his life to the fullest. Nothing was impossible to him.

Solomon passed away in peace surrounded by his friends and family. 

We will miss you, dear friend.

An Meers,
OCB Pool manager
By: Göran Svedin