South Sudan Refugee Crisis

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More than 170,000 Sudanese refugees are seeking safety in four refugee camps in South Sudan’s Upper Nile and Unity states after fleeing conflict and food shortages in neighbouring Sudan.

Many had to walk for weeks without food along the way, arriving in a weaked and vulnerable state only to find a harsh and unforgiving environment with no infrastructure, healthcare or water.

Such terrible living conditions, combined with heavy seasonal rains and growing malnutrition, have had devastating health consequences for refugees, particularly in two camps: Yida camp in Unity state and Batil camp in Upper Nile state, where respectively 55,000 and 34,000 refugees are being hosted.

In both camps, MSF data has shown that death rates have reached double the emergency threshold, while in Batil camp, one in three children is malnourished.

People in the camps are now wholly dependent on humanitarian agencies.

MSF is treating patients, setting up emergency medical care, ensuring people have drinking water and helping malnourished children. We have been working in the region since November 2011 and have scaled up our work in response to the growing crisis, as well as working to draw the emergency to the attention of the world's media.



Plus de 170,000 réfugiés ont traversé la frontière, après un dangereux périple, pour fuir les combats et l’insécurité alimentaire dans les régions du Nil Bleu et du Sud Kordofan, au Soudan.

Beaucoup ont dû marcher des semaines et arrivent dans les camps dans un état de fatigue et de vulnérabilité extrêmes.

Dans deux camps de réfugiés en particulier, les très mauvaises conditions de vie, conjointement à des fortes pluies saisonnières et à la malnutrition croissante, ont des conséquences dramatiques sur la santé des populations.

Depuis juin, ce sont, en moyenne, cinq enfants qui meurent chaque jour dans le camp de Yida, tandis que dans le camp de Batil, un enfant sur trois souffre de malnutrition. En général, le taux de mortalité est deux fois supérieur au seuil d'urgence.

Since November 2011 MSF has been running emergency programmes for refugees fleeing South Kordofan and Blue Nile states in Sudan. MSF has a field hospital in each of the four refugee camps (Batil, Doro, Jamam and Yida) and is providing more than 9,000 consultations per week. 150 new patients are admitted for intensive in-patient hospital care each week and 2,300 malnourished children are treated in MSF therapeutic feeding programmes. MSF is also vaccinating against measles when there are new influxes of refugees, is providing Water & Sanitation assistance in the camps and is stepping in when necessary to carry out emergency distributions of basic survival essentials such as soap, plastic sheeting, and emergency food rations.

By: Association Intern