Sviluppo del movimento MSF

Di seguito la lettera con cui Joanne Liu, allora presidente internazionale, nel marzo 2018, ha lanciato la provocazione "the call for change"(in allegato), documento che ha guidato il dibattito nel movimento MSF per i successivi 18 mesi. In allegato altri documenti di visione internazionale, del 2016 e del 2017, che sono risultati determinanti nel processo decisionale degli anni successivi.

Dear Presidents &  IGA Reps,


With MSF approaching its 50-year anniversary it is opportune to take stock of where we have come from and where we are going. 


We have grown from an initial core of just 300 volunteers in 1971 to a movement of more than 40-thousand people today. The movement’s growth and evolution has been a constant touchstone, and the source of thoughtful reflection for many years.  However, 12 years down the road of La Mancha, we definitely did not addressed all the issues we raised back then and we now have new issues to tackle.  Following discussion of this, and the report on MSF’s Global Institutional Footprint at last year’s IGA, the IB met this February in Rome to examine and assess MSF’s current trajectory. 


The attached document, “A Call for Change”, is the result of much debate, and outlines key directions and priorities for our movement that should serve as guidance for the OCs’ strategic planning going forward.

The purpose of the document is to provide the movement food for thought and hopefully, some inspiration and guidance on how best we should evolve and what responsible growth should look like. 

We strongly wish it will spark debate - engendering alternative ideas, and revealing competing priorities in terms of strategic planning and responsible rationalization of resources. 

Our goal for optimal growth should allow us to remain relevant in a changing world and effective in how we assist population/people we care for.


The IB is keen to mobilise and support associative discussions across the movement as per your requests. Most importantly, we are actively encouraging your feedback. Your views are vital and invaluable if this exploration of how our movement should evolve is to be changed into action.

To this end, we want you to widely disseminate the document with your associatives and executives, to act as a framework for this ongoing discussion. 


Growth and evolution will also be a key topic at this year’s IGA in Barcelona, where we hope it will be the pivotal "rendez-vous" to further define and refine our common intentions.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!


On behalf of the IB,





By: Marco Tomaselli