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Here you can find links to internal and external sources of information about the COVID 19

COVID 19 - MSF OCB - Resources
This external resources website gathers a significant amount of documentation, guidance, health promotion material for communities and training material has been produced over the past few weeks. 
All of this has now been made available online for the benefit of healthcare workers, partners and for logistics and supply teams who support COVID-19 interventions.

Sherlog for Covid 19
All documents from the Covid-19 SharePoint site have now been moved to the Covid-19 Knowledge Base on Sherlog, enabling a more intuitive way of finding information. A Covid-19 Community of Practice is available, for each of us to ask questions linked to Covid-19 and share experiences. Your questions can also help others so don’t be shy to go and ask them on Sherlog’s Covid-19 Community! 
Register now to get your account, join a Sherlog webinar to get started and start interacting on Sherlog. 

Epicentre BLOG
(You need a connection to sharepoint)
This blog has been created by Epicentre to break down scientific information relevant to MSF's operation about the current outbreak of COVID-19 (formerly known as nCov or novel Coronavirus).
The focus is on the current situation of the outbreak, the state of the knowledge about the epidemiology and on other relevant research.


The WHO informations on how to protect yourself, Technical guidance, online trainings...

CDC - Center For Disease Control

Harvard Medical School - Coronavirus Resource Center

The Lancet
The Lancet Covid-19 resource center


By: Sophie Guillaumie