Volunteer at the GA

As a volunteer, you can be part of an unique Associative event in a different way. It is a great way to get a better understanding of the MSF Norway movement. You also get a "sneak peek" and attend parts of the events which would normally be reserved for members only. It is also a perfect opportunity to meet new people with similar interests.
How to become a volunteer?
To become a volunteer, simply fill the online application form and click "submit". Click here to go to the form.
Your answers will be automatically sent ato, then reviewed by the MSF Norway Association Coordination team.
Completing an application is not a confirmation of an assigned volunteer role. We will contact you after reviewing your application. 
Volunteer Roles
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Purpose of the Role:
Active voices are a critical part of MSF and therefore, it is essential that we use the tools to ensure that as many people are heard as possible. In the context of the General Assembly, this means ensuring that you (and those who act as microphone holders with you) are able to effectively communicate with the Chair and each other in order to have a microphone ready and available to the next person that the Chair calls on for a question. This communication is crucial! When using the CatchBox, it may be tossed to members! This will save you time and energy from running around the room
Key tasks:
  • Introducing yourself to the Chair prior to the session beginning and establishing how you will communicate which member of the Association will have the next question. 
  • Having good and established eye contact with the person asking the question to ensure they are prepared to catch the microphone. 
  • Receiving the microphone back immediately after the person has asked their question. 
  • Remaining visible to the audience, yet not in the way
  • Coordinating your positions to cover both sides of the room, and the front equally to the back of the room.
  • Being prepared to deliver the microphone means also having an awareness of yourself and fellow volunteers within the room. 
Purpose of the Role:
Following the event, we want to be able to reflect the pensive, the perplexed, the passionate, and the party people that make up an MSF Associative event. There are several critical moments that we have highlighted below, but the rest of the captures will be up to your judgement and keen eye. 
Key tasks:
  • Photographing the following: 
    • Candidates during the Presentation of Candidates to the Board 
    • Current Board Members individually, and a group photo during the Board Q&A 
    • Group photo of the complete Board with outgoing members 
    • Group photo of the complete newly elected Board 
    • Landscape photos of voting sessions – handheld ballots and acclamations 
    • Photos of members asking questions 
    • Photos of presenters 
    • Photos of Chair, President, General Director, and Guest Facilitators. 
    • Photos of registration 
    • Photos of socializing (informal conversations) during breaks 
  • Establishing yourself where you find is most relevant in the room, without being too disruptive with movements while ensuring that you are able to capture the discussions, debates and days’ happenings. 
Purpose of the Role:
Ushers are needed to help enhance the GA spirit and ensure the event runs smoothly. In true MSF fashion, we want to include as many topics as possible and on a timeline that will seem near impossible. As such, your role will entail a great deal of crowd and movement control.  We want to make all attendees feel welcome and relaxed. The Joint General Assembly contains sessions that are attended by all participants, those that are split between the Norwegian and Swedish Associations, and those that are in even smaller, mixed groups. 
Key Tasks:
  • Greeting everyone with a friendly smile. 
  • Assisting in directing people to the appropriate room for their sessions, and encouraging people to get into the room when sessions are about to get started. 
  • Knowing the proper safety procedures and emergency exits for the building. You may be asked to escort attendees calmly and safely out of the venue in case of an emergency, requiring you to be able to stay calm and to calm others.  
  • Assisting people finding restrooms and refreshments
  • Maintaining order
  • Answering questions
  • Being aware of, and following, the proper procedures for assisting attendees with disabilities.
Purpose of the Role:
There are many discussions at the General Assembly, and it is vital that we document it. That is why we need minute-takers. Minute-takers attend the General Assembly and record the major discussions, outcomes, and actions of each session. Minutes are used to formally document the event and create the transparency and accountability that are so crucial to the functioning of MSF when it comes to reflecting on our discussions and ensuring the implementation of directives voted on by the Association. 
Key Tasks:
  • Writing up notes in an agreed format electronically so that the information can be easily discerned, and communications are clear, thus avoiding any confusion. 
  • Taking notes that are an accurate record of decisions and discussions, focusing on the outcomes, decisions, action items, and main raised points of discussion. 
  • Documenting motions, their writers and presenters, and the results of votes
  • Document the nomination and election of committee members and make sure you know who is who. 
  • Knowing which information can be left out and which is vital to include. It is key that you concentrate on what has been decided and who is going to do it.  
There are different sessions which require minute-taking. The sessions vary in length and some sessions will require more than one minute-taker.  Longer sessions will have minute-takers working in pairs. Some of the other sessions may be shorter but will require key decision-making and approvals that need absolute attention to detail. Some of the sessions of the General Assembly which require minute taking can include: 
  • Joint session
    • Welcome and Introductions 
    • Election of Chairpersons, Secretary, Vote Counters 
    • Decision on whether the Annual General Assembly was duly convened 
    • Verification of the voting list 
    • Approval of the Agenda 
    • Presentation of all members approved since the last General Assembly 
    • Instructions for electronic voting and test vote 
  • Joint moral report, International Perspective
  • MSF Norway Day 1 
    • Amendment of Statutes for Board Election  
    • Presentation of Board Candidates 
    • Opening of Election Committee Nominations 
  • Debate Topic #1, e.g. "Humanitarian Aid in the Next Decade"
  • MSF Norway Day 2  
    • President’s rapport morale 
    • Executive summary 
    • Presentation and approval of annual and financial reports 
    • Presentation of the Auditors Report 
    • Presentation and approval of the remuneration of Board Member  
    • Membership fee and GA fee  
    • Election of Auditor and Deputy Auditor 
    • Election of the Election Committee 
    • Board Q&A 
    • Resolution on discharge of liability for the Board 
    • Amendment of the Statutes 
    • MSF-Norway new motions / recommendations. 
  • Medical Speed Dating 
  • Debate Topic #2, e.g. "The MSF We Want To Be"
  • International General Assembly Representatives’ report from the previous year IGA
  • Reporting back on motions
  • Joint motions for the international movement (Nordic, OCB, IGA)
  • Election results, thank you to the outgoing Board, Closing of the General Assembly
Several of the sessions will last several hours and the minutes will be taken in pairs. Not all sessions are hours long. Some sessions are shorter but require key decision making and approvals that need absolute attention to detail. 
Purpose of the Role:
Timekeepers are crucial to ensure that the General Assembly runs on schedule by timing each of the sessions according to the time allocated in the agenda, or adjusted by the Chair. We recommend that you proactively introduce yourself to the Event Chair / Facilitator,  agree with them on potential adjustment and flexibility of the schedule, and that you sit on the assigned chair on the front row where the sheets with the remaining minutes left are placed. Depending on the length of the presentations, the presenters may want warnings at different times. 
Key Tasks:
  • Timing each General Assembly speaker
  • Providing helpful signals so they can determine how much of their allocated time is left. 
  • Ensuring that each element of the General Assembly runs on time.  
  • Helping the facilitator move the event through the agenda
  • Reducing the amount of stress on the facilitator or leader who is managing the discussion
Purpose of the Role:
The Helpdesk will offer support and help to General Assembly attendees with all things voting-related. Voting System Helpdesk volunteers receive training on the voting system, and they will have the support of someone who has worked with the system before and can diagnose issues. They will work as part of a team and will be required to have a very keen attention to detail. The voting system is essential with regards to governance and that previous knowledge of eligibility, voting regulations, and representation are valued assets. 
Key Tasks:
  • Checking voting eligibility. 
  • Solving issues related to voting registration. 
  • Providing technical assistance for questions and problems. 
  • Diagnosing and resolving problems with the Voting System. 
  • Advising attendees on appropriate action. 
Purpose of the Role:
Registration Officers are responsible for ensuring members register upon arrival and receive their voting cards. 
Key Taks:
  • Providing clear and correct verbal information and advice for those at the General Assembly in a timely and service orientated approach. 
  • Quickly register members in a friednly welcoming way.
  • Collect missing payment when required.
  • Provide paper voting cards and proxy voting cards. 
Purpose of the Role:
Mentimeter is a software which allows us to gather the insights of the audience while there are ongoing presentations and debates. The audience can submit questions and comments using their smart devices, that will then be brought forward to the presenters or shared on a central screen. Mentimeter ensures that the General Assembly is engaging, inclusive and interactive for everyone. You will be improving the General Assembly in many ways, including increasing participation, increasing openness, and getting better outcomes! 
Key Tasks:
  • Sharing codes with the audience. 
  • Ensuring people have access to Mentimeter. 
  • Being available to troubleshoot connection and access issues. 
  • Reading and displaying the audience's contributions and questions as they come in real-time or as relevant. 
  • Sharing data and information that is received through Mentimeter with presenters. 
  • Collecting contributions in Mentimeter to be referenced for the minutes of each session. 
Purpose of the Role:
Vote Counters work as part of a team, and will have to be active counting their designated area in case there are "hand held" votes. Following the lead of the Chair/Facilitator, the vote counters are respensible for a specific area of the room and will count all voting cards raised when resorting to hand held votes. As soon as their count is done, they will quickly convey the number of votes in theri area to the vote counter coordinator who will compile the votes from all area and relay the total number to the Chair/Facilitator. In MSF Norway, most votes are now handled electronically, so the vote counters are mostly active as back up. 
Key Tasks:
  • Verifying the ballot count and ensuring both accuracy and transparency of election results.
Are you an early bird who wants to exercise their body as much as their mind? We are also looking for volunteers to coordinate a morning exercise or activity such as a morning walk, a friendly jog, or even a fresh dip in the fjord!  
Do you feel like leading a Yoga or Pilates class?  If Mother Nature is on our side, we might even be able to have the classes outside! 
Do you feel like arranging a morning walk or jog? Enjoy the surroundings during a peaceful morning walk.
Purpose of the Role
The Room Set-up Volunteers are responsible for set-up and teardown of the General Assembly as directed by MSF Norway. There usually is limited items to set up, such as flags, pop up, roll ups and limited decoration and MSF branded items throughout the room.
Key Tasks:
  • ​Bringing materials from the MSF Norway Oslo Office
  • Loading and unloading the van between the offie and the venue
  • Helping with audio-visual equipment
  • Setting out materials such as program, books, for sale items
  • Set-up and teardown of the event rooms
  • Ensure that all decorations have been set properly
  • Proper care, movement, storage of all equipment such as tables, chairs, risers, dance floor, etc. (when applicable).
Purpose of the Role:
Shuttle Drivers ensure that the General Assembly attendees are transported safely to the venue. They require a valid driver’s license (category B for the MSF van or exceptionally category C for trucks - if we are displaying the MSF Exhibition for example)
Key Tasks:
  • Adhere to the vehicles passenger limit
  • Arrive at collection points prior to departure times.
  • Ensure the shuttle bus is fueled
  • Observing all relevant traffic and safety laws.
Purpose of the Role:
IT Support / Streaming Support provides technical support and solves technical problems.
Key Tasks:
  • Monitor and maintain computer systems and networks
  • Stream the General Assembly online
  • Help with lighting, video camera and sound set-up
  • Diagnosing and repairing faults
  • Resolving technical issues
Purpose of the Role:
The Music / Spotify Handler provides the soundtrack to the General Assembly after-party. They encourage guests to dance, take song requests (if applicable), and make announcements.
Key Tasks:
  • Create playlist on Spotify
  • Provide playlist to MSF Norway
  • Play songs from the playlist during the General Assembly after-party.
Purpose of the Role:
The Buddy System Focal Point greets buddies and buddees upon arrival and ensures that they find each others. They have an overview of all the people aprticipating in the bussy system and can also answer on the spot requests. They can remind the purpose of the Buddy system, which is to enable new MSFers or newly active MSFers to be introduced to the event and governance of our organisation by a more experienced MSFer, and for them to be introduced to the ne
Key Tasks:
  • Meet and greet the buddy and buddee
  • Connect the Buddy and Buddee
  • Explain the Buddy system and answer questions from members
By: MSF Norway Association