Ways of Voting

Voting is open from 10:10am to 3:30pm on 27 Agu 2016 (Sat). There are 3 ways to vote at the AGM 2016: 

A. For those coming to the AGM

Upon paying your membership fees of year 2016 at reception, you'll be given an sealed envelope containing your elector ID and password. You can cast your votes using the elector ID at the computer kiosk.

B. For those not coming to the AGM

By Proxy

You can cast your votes by returning to us (asso@hongkong.msf.org) the proxy form by 24 Aug 2016 (Wed).

By Online Voting

Similar to last AGM, you can vote online at SimplyVoting from 10:10 - 15:30 on 27 Aug 2016. All eligible voters will receive an email with their elector ID and password 5 days before the AGM. In order to vote, you are required to register your attendance online by logging in the livecast webpage, then cast your votes at SimplyVoting. A detailed voting instruction will be shared with you soon. 

*You'll need to pay membership fees of 2016 through Paypal or credit card authorization form before 21 Aug (Sun) if you wish to vote by proxy or online. 

By: Jennifer Wong