What are we going to debate?

National Topic

The OCB Board havenot proposed any “top down” discussion topics, we would rather see debates anchored in YOUR field reality.

It is generally a good idea, as well as a way to make people feel included and motivated, to involve the members of the team in suggesting the topics and in the final decision on what to debate. Note that the FAD should be of interest to, and are meant for both, national staff and expats. Make sure to raise the interest and involve both when preparing the agenda.  The FAD is for everybody in the mission!

The FADs are also a time to discuss or revisit the associative project of your mission! Check the associative project info on the web!

We also suggest you to use the mini-AG/FAD to start to organize an associative event related to the OCB Gathering in your mission: this event (June 13-14) will be broadcasted through the Internet and your mission will be able to interact in real-time via a Call Centre. Use the FAD to determine who will deal with the organization, what must be tested, rented, what will be foreseen during those days (you can choose to only follow certain moments, combining them with periods of internal debates within your mission, a party, or any other associative activities...)

International Topic

Last year, we addressed overall whether and how MSF’s approach to the provision of direct medical care, internally and in relation to others, calls into question our core identity. For the FAD there were two options that our teams debated, with one focusing on our access to populations in highly insecure contexts and in order to reduce security risks for our workers the compromises we make. Through the second option, teams discussed our work through local partnerships in order to increase access, acceptance, and advocacy opportunities and how this indirect access to patients and our increased ties to other actors cause us to relinquish part of our identity.

In 2014 I invite you to consider the framework of “How do we bring MSF into the 21st Century?” The IB proposes field discussions around three themes linked to this topic:

1. Medical

  • Medical treatments and diagnostics for the 21st century

  • 21st century challenges affecting our medical work: climate change, emerging diseases/viruses and other threats

2. Technology

  • What technological considerations to bring MFS into the 21st Century? Mobile phones, social media, tablets, and other digital and technological advances.

3. Globalization

  • Do our Western roots as an organization help or hinder our entry into the 21st century?

This topic is intended to provide a framework for your associative discussions. It is deliberately broad enough so that you can identify the elements within its frame that are most relevant to your context and your reality in the field. The goal is for your association to have the kind of discussion that will bring the most value to your teams and consequently to MSF as a movement.

By: Rebecca Cederholm