What are we going to debate?

In 2015 the International Board have chosen not to propose a “top down” discussion topics, instead they would like to see debates anchored in YOUR field reality.  

It is generally a good idea, as well as a way to make people feel included and motivated, to involve the members of the team in suggesting the topics and in the final decision on what to debate. Note that the FAD should be of interest to, and are meant for both, national staff and expats. Make sure to raise the interest and involve both when preparing the agenda.  The FAD is for everybody in the mission!

The FADs are also a time to discuss or revisit the associative project of your mission! Check the associative project info on the web!

Are you in charge of planning the FAD in your mission and need help with topics or background materials? Contact Rebecca or Monica.

We also suggest you to use the mini-AG/FAD to start to organize an associative event related to the OCB Gathering in your mission: this event (May 29-30) which will be broadcasted through the Internet and your mission will be able to interact in real-time via a Call Centre. Use the FAD to determine who will deal with the organization, what must be tested, rented, what will be foreseen during those days (you can choose to only follow certain moments, combining them with periods of internal debates within your mission, a party, or any other associative activities...)

By: Rebecca Cederholm